We are happy to announce our new project, “Keeping the Dream Alive: HIV Cities Fast Track” funded by UNAIDS through Cities Fast Track. As a youth led organisation which serves young people, one of our key areas of focus is HIV prevention in young people.

We are faced by the challenge that most of the new HIV infections every year are in young people and Blantyre, where we work has the highest HIV prevalence pegged at 18.2%. Our work has been to provide information and offer HIV testing to young people and young couples in particular.

With support from UNAIDS, we are targeting College students to create and increase demand for HIV testing services in young people. The project also wants to use the power of social media by engaging social media influencers to reach out to more youth.

The following are the project objectives;

  1. Offer HIV testing to at least 2500 sexually active young people by 30th December
  2. Reach out to 300,000 youth with prevention campaign and messages
  3. To Revamp networks of youth leaders fighting HIV.

The fight against HIV is collective effort that must start with every individual, every young person. As you stay safe, you also protect those around you.

Malawi is doing well despite the few areas mentioned in the fight against HIV. Let’s work together to attain the new 95-95-95 targets. We, at FACT Malawi, are committed to the goal to end the HIV pandemic by 2030. Join us and UNAIDS.