Reducing Girl Child Marriages-an SRH Advocacy

Reducing Girl Child Marriages in Thyolo; A Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy

This was our second project in 2018 and it was funded by Rise Up Together with support from the Bile and Melinda Gates Foundation. Having gone through the Enabling Girls to Advance Gender Equality (ENGAGE) advocacy workshops, we were awarded 9,000 USD in 2018 to implement a one year project.

We went around the communities of T/A Mchilamwera engaging community leaders, mother groups and young girls through Thyolo DHO advocating for a reduction of child marriages through promotion of access to the Youth friendly Health Services Strategy (2015-2020) package. The project was a success. We had directly ended 109 child marriages. The project run from July, 2018 to August, 2019.


Engaging with the community to end negative attitude towards young people accessing YFSRHS.