Tiunikileni Project


The Tiunikileni Project is a project that is looking at supporting Adolescent Girls and Young Women ( AGYW) that are victims and at risk of gender based violence amidst COVID-19 by sensitizing them on gender based violence and raising awareness on the reporting channels of the same. The project will also sensitive the AGYW on psychosocial support and care to the victims of the same.

  • To sensitize women on GBV, sexual exploitation and abuse prevention measures and reporting protocols during the COVID_19 pandemic by September
  • To offer support to women who need psychological help or who are mentally detached during the COVID-19 pandemic by raising awareness on psychosocial support and care by September 2020.
  • To reach out to women on COVID-19 in order to foster prevention and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by September 2020.


Officer in charge of GBV Police victim support unit giving a presentation

GBV focus group discussion amidst COVID-19