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Gender: This program explores gender roles and attributes. It helps young people to understand perceptions of masculinity and femininity within the family and across the life cycle, society’s changing norms and values, and the manifestations and consequences of gender bias, stereotypes, and inequality (including self-stigmatization).

Violence: Explores the various types of violence toward girls and women and how they manifest, particularly gender-based violence, non-consensual sex, and understanding what is unacceptable.

The program focuses on raising awareness of community norms and myths regarding power and gender dynamics.

Awareness of Gender violence prevention, including personal safety plans, self-defense techniques, awareness of the dynamics of victims and abusers, appropriate referral mechanisms for survivors, how to prevent the victim from becoming a perpetrator, and engaging men and boys as both perpetrators and allies in gender based violence prevention.

Program Components

  • Gender intersectionality
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Gender equality
  • Gender equity
  • Gender-based inequalities and discrimination
  • Gender-based power inequalities
  • Social and cultural norms
  • Gender-based violence
  • Women and girls
  • Boys and men as allies