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Our HIV and AIDS programs focus on youth friendly HIV prevention campaigns and messaging, HIV testing, ART referrals, and Young People Living with HIV (PLHIV). FACT Has a youth friendly HIV testing and counselling center at the offices, where young people are free to walk into everyday to access information, HIV counselling, get condoms, PEP, and other HIV services.

Program Components

1.1. Girlfriend and Boyfriend HIV Testing

This program is focused on HIV testing for young people who are sexually active and dating. We acknowledge that young usually assume that they are HIV negative cause of their age and exclude the need for testing for HIV before engaging in unprotected sex. For that our program works on increasing demand for HIV testing among sexually active young couples (aged 13 to 24) who are dating. We provide youth-friendly HIV testing to young people at our offices and mobile testing during community outreach activities. The program is meant to reduce new infections in young people by creating a culture to seek HIV testing services.

1.2. Comfort Corner

Intro- Welcome to the FACT comfort corner. Are you a young person living with HIV and would like to meet someone who is also living with HIV as a partner, mentor or friend? Are you also interested in sharing your story so that you can be inspired? Then Comfort Corner is your corner!

We acknowledge how hard it is in a world full of stigma for you to open up about your status. But we also know that you are not alone. Just like you, someone out there is fighting the same battle, they want to meet someone like you to become friends.

Comfort Corner platform is for you to be free and find your source of comfort. To connect with someone either anonymously or with our knowledge- please call us on the numbers on this website and we will connect you with someone. To share your story, please email comfortcorner@factmalawi.org .